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Forging onward to the second decade.  Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC continues its foundational motto "Computer Training & MORE That Comes To You!"  January 1, 2016 began year #11.  During this time, bridging the gap between those who do and those who don't know about computers has been the company's primary mission.  Through the tool of computer training, tasks were accomplished in the forms of onsite/online training and consulting, keynote speaking, stand-alone trainings, lectures, workshops, certification tracks and webinars are customized to meet each need, along with the selling of computers  on the company's website and e-mobile computer learning.

As Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC, did back on January 1, 2005, the company WILL CONTINUE to provide onsite/online computer training and consulting for home users, businesses, nonprofits, churches, and other entities. From the beginners level to those who are advanced, their computer skills enhanced with the company's known just-in-time training techniques.  


Count on Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC to continue its 11th year of the motto "Computer Training & MORE That Comes To You!" 

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​​​​​On July 12, 2016 ​, ​Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC was interviewed on Glass City Talent 419 with Debra Sue.  Above is the company's YouTube interview.  

As always, be it onsite/online/emobile training, virtual assistance, purchasing of computers and accessories online, or other services and products, let Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC be your "GO TO" company to help meet the goals of your special projects, events, and trainings in transitioning from old software programs to new software programs.

As the company's 11th year in existence continues, be on the lookout for MORE!